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If this is your first time on the site, welcome to PeaceWiseKids. It’s great to have you with us and we hope you can find helpful information and resources to encourage more peacemakers in the world.

We do recognise however, that the very concept of ‘becoming a peacemaker’ could be an entirely ​new concept to some, and so we wanted to shed a bit of light on exactly what we’re on about here at PeaceWiseKids.

In short, we create interactive, online and in class programs teaching kids how to better understand what conflict is, how to identify it in their lives, and through the teaching​s of God, through Jesus, learn to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

Here’s what you’ll find in the online PeaceWiseKids courses

PeaceWiseKids is an online resource that adults (such as teachers or homeschoolers) can use to teach children how to be peacemakers, handle conflict well and build strong relationships in their life.

For more detail about the group presentation versions of our courses, taught by a leader from the front (eg. where not each child has a device), click here.

The content of each Course is specifically tailored to the age group in question, and all content is mapped to the Australian Curriculum. The overarching framework of each Course has the same basic structure:

Understanding Conflict
Understanding God’s plan for peace with Him and others.
Responding to Conflict
Learning to take responsibility for my part in the conflict and to speak the truth in love
Peacemakers for Life
Learning the art of being a peacemaker everywhere, all the time, for life
Topic 1 Conflict is a part of our everyday life Topic 6 Conflict starts in the heart, creates strong emotions and leads to consequences Topic 12 A peacemaker replaces attack responses with peacemaking stratagies
Topic 2 Conflict happens when we don’t live God’s way Topic 7 God helps me own my part in a conflict Topic 13 A peacemaker replaces escape responses with peacemaking strategies
Topic 3 Jesus is the ultimate peacemaker Topic 8 Peacemakers learn when to speak up and when to overlook Topic 14 I can be a peacemaker wherever I am
Topic 4 Conflict can be an opportunity to grow Topic 9 We can solve much conflict by talking and listening to each other Topic 15 I can point people to Jesus by being a peacemaker
Topic 5 The Bible shows us how to be peacemakers Topic 10 God wants us to forgive, as he forgives
Topic 11 Peacemakers learn when to ask for help and how to continue to show kindness

​Let’s cover the activities you’ll find within each topic

When we set out on the journey of creating PeaceWiseKids we wanted, first and foremost, to make it interactive and fun to complete the course. But we also wanted topics to encourage students to reflect on what they’re learning, and interact with each other within a controlled group environment.

As such, PeaceWiseKids has been designed so that each topic has the following elements:

  • Introductory stimulus video or other content
  • Animated explainer video which presents the key concepts for the topic
  • Online activities for each student to do – eg. quizzes, puzzles, games, free text answers to questions
  • Students can access a group forum where answers can be shared under the guidance of the teacher/parent
  • Additional activities are also provided to do as a group/class – for example, role-plays, games, worksheets etc

There’s more for the group leaders too

When you register as a group leader, you also have access to our Group Leader Resources section, where there are comprehensive ‘offline activities’ such as lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and printables.

There’s also a Group Leaders’ Forum as a place to interact with other group leaders who are teaching PeaceWiseKids, so that the learning community shares and grows together.

With your participation, together we can help our kids understand and deal with conflicts and collaboratively grow a generation of peacemakers for life.​