Stimulus Videos

Topic 1 – What is conflict?

Topic 2 – Where does conflict come from?

Topic 3 – What is God’s peace plan for us?

Topic 4 – How can conflict be an opportunity?

Topic 5 – How do we become peacemakers?

Topic 6 – How do my heart desires get me into trouble?

Topic 7 – How can I own my part in a conflict?

Topic 8 – When to overlook and when to speak up?

Topic 9 – How do I talk to someone I am in conflict with?

Topic 10 – How do I forgive and what does reconciliation mean?

Topic 11 – What do I do if they aren’t ready to accept responsibility for their part?

Topic 12 – How can I change my attack responses?

Topic 13 – How can I change my escape responses?

Topic 14 – How can we build a community of peace where we are?

Topic 15 – How can peacemaking point people to Jesus?